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Our Heritage

The Colonel Sander’s Story


Harland Sanders is born in Henryville, Indiana. With an adventurous spirit causing through his veins, he embarked on a journey through the southern states, as a steamboat pilot, railroad fireman and farmer.


When Harland turns 40, took over a service station where he began serving weary travelers the same fried chicken he grew up eating, the southern style chicken.


Finally, the Colonel perfects his unique blends of 11 herbs and spices that are still used today… and still top secret.


The Colonel dons his iconic white suit for the first time and from then on, wears one every time he’s out in public.


Opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Colonel Sanders sells his Corbin, Kentucky restaurant and goes on the road to sign up new KFC franchisees.


KFC is first sold in buckets.


The Colonel found the investors he’d been looking for and sells the Company to investors.


After a rich and full life, Harland Sanders sadly passess away at the age of 90. His legacy lives on through his Original Recipe chicken and the company logo adapts over the years, with the Colonel’s face remaining at the forefront of the design.


The first ever KFC restaurant in Myanmar is opened on Bogyoke Road, Yangon, with huge funfare and people queuing for hours for first bite.