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Brand Campaigns

If it is fried chicken, it's KFC

Welcome to our newest campaign: “If it is fried chicken, it’s KFC!” Whenever your craving calls for delicious fried chicken, KFC is the answer. Meet our charming brand ambassador, “Kyaw Kyaw” – the genuine spreader of joy, adored by all. “Kyaw Kyaw” represents the true finger lickin’ goodness that defines KFC at its core.

Enjoy the show to see the essence of this brand campaign!

Big and Spicy

Launched Big & Spicy Campaign in 2020 and gives fiery hot twist to its audience which to relive the brand concept of Big & Spicy ever again. At KFC, we believe in pushing the boundaries of flavor, and the Big & Spicy campaign is all about showing that how we took care of customers’ feedbacks, making it bigger and spicier, delivering a blod, fiery and unforgettable taste experience to our valued customers.

It was a hit one when it’s launched which connected our traditional childhood sports – The rooster fight and the ideas of our bold marketing campaigns through captivating visuals, engaging storytelling, a touch of humor, and the essence of Big & Spicy.

Let’s enjoy the show!

Sharing is KFC

Another remarkable campaign “Sharing is KFC” was launched in Year 2022 as a celebration and remembrance of KFC Myanmar’s 7th Anniversary.

The essence of this campaign is showcasing the real meaning of having a good friend is the best gift and the heartwarming moments in this TVC will bring you to feel emotional. Every scene in this TVC portray that no matter what you are going through KFC will always here for you and there for you to share all the ups and downs together, just like real friends do.

This beautiful and meaningful TVC will show you something that you can’t express with words, let’s have a look!